Tableaux Product Pricing

Tableaux Decorative Grilles are made-to-order in a large variety of design patterns, material specs, and product configuration options to suit any interior design project or home décor theme. Each piece is artistically designed and professionally crafted to be placed or attached into any size/shape/space you specify.

Due to the highly custom nature of the product and the potential variables in any given project, there is no one-price-fits-all solution. Material Pricing can range anywhere between $75 to $150 or more per square foot, and total Project Pricing is determined by a number of factors including:

  • Selected material type (woods and/or metals)
  • Shape, size, & quantity
  • Design pattern complexity
  • Number of revisions to drawings
  • Type of machining required (CNC, laser, or misc.)
  • Type of carving for MDF (non-beveled, single-sided, double-sided)
  • Finish color or specialty paint applications
  • Optional Solar Screen fabric
  • Optional framing and/or hardware
  • Fabrication of optional framing and/or hardware
  • Rushed production
  • Special boxing/crating requirements
  • Shipping destination & location type
  • Accessorial charges for additional freight carrier services
  • PRO or DIY installation

We may also be able to find ways to value-engineer your project during our Order Process. This ensures you don’t over-pay for options you don’t need when less expensive alternatives may be available.


Getting A Quote

Visit our “Where to Order” page to find a Local PRO Reseller near you or to explore DIY options.

The following information will be needed to Get a Quote:

Shipping Address - Where will this order ship if approved? We need this to calculate shipping.

Application - Where will Tableaux be placed or installed? Check out our Lookbook to see the many ways Tableaux can be incorporated into your design/décor.

Photos* - Take photos of the room and space where you intend to place or install Tableaux. Be sure to include the following shots:

  • Wide shot of the room aimed at the space
  • Medium shot with the entire shape of the space
  • Closeup shot of the space

*If the space is inside of an art niche, framed-in pass-through, inside of a window frame, or inside of other framed spaces, take additional photos showing closeups of the edges and corners of the framed opening where Tableaux will be attached. This will help us determine the best attachment method later.

Shape - What shape will this be? Depending on the application, the shape may be self-evident when looking at the photos (such as the shape of a window frame). It may not be obvious for other applications such as wall décor or flat ceiling.

Size/Measurements* - What are the measurements of each piece? Tableaux can be made in any size you want. You'll need to provide maximum width and maximum height for each piece along with quantity.

*IMPORTANT If you intend to place or install Tableaux inside of a window frame, inside of an art niche, framed-in pass-through, or inside of other framed spaces, be sure to get your measurements from the inside of the framed opening. You'll need to provide multiple width & height measurements at the left, center, right, bottom, middle, top, so that the piece fits the inside of your opening. It's also a good idea to make a drawing of the shape with measurements. Take a photo of your drawing and email it to your Tableaux Reseller along with any other related files. 

Product Family & Design Style - Which Tableaux Product Family will be best suited to your design style? Each Tableaux Product Family has distinct material surface characteristic which, along with design and finish color choices, will evoke a certain design style. Learn More about Design Styles Product Families.

Design Pattern – Which design pattern do you want? Tableaux designers will customize and scale the design you select to match the measurements you provide. You'll have the following options:

  • Use a design from the Tableaux Design Library
  • Use a design you already have
  • Have Tableaux create a custom design for you based on your ideas

Finish Color – What finish color do you want? Your choice of finish color adds that final touch. Learn more about Tableaux Finish Colors.

Project Comments – Can you tell us about your intentions or design goals for this project? Include any special instructions or additional options you would like us to consider and include in your proposal.

Questions? - Contact a Tableaux Project Advisor.

Take photos of your space

Take photos of your space