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Tableaux Reseller & To-The-Trade Programs

What's the difference between the Authorized "Residential Reseller" Program and "To-the-Trade" Member Program?

Tableaux Authorized Residential Resellers get lower wholesale pricing and additional benefits not offered in the To-the-Trade membership. If you plan on selling Tableaux to your customers on a regular basis, and plan to profit from retail sales for our products, becoming a Tableaux Authorized Residential Reseller is the best option for you.

If you only plan to sell Tableaux occasionally when a customer asks, and you are simply passing on your cost to your customer, then signing up for a To-the-Trade Member Program may be the better option for you.

Help Me Decide...

Become An Authorized Professional Residential Reseller if you;

  • want to purchase Tableaux at the lowest wholesale cost
  • plan to offer Tableaux as part of your offering and profit from product sales on a regular basis
  • offer your customers in-home design consultations and/or measuring service
  • offer your customers installation services (you or a third-party you assign)
  • want a New Residential Reseller Product Sample Kit for customer presentations
  • are prepared to be trained on Tableaux product options, and quote & order process
  • would like Tableaux marketing resources for use on your own website and presentations
  • want access to other Authorized Reseller programs, special promotions and reseller resources

Yes, this is the program for me! Take me to the Professional Residential Registration Page

Apply for a To-the-Trade Membership if you;

  • are satisfied with a well-discounted wholesale cost
  • were contacted by a homeowner who wants to buy Tableaux directly from you, but you are not interested in selling Tableaux on a regular basis
  • do not plan to profit from sales of the product (just passing on your discount to your customer)
  • want a Tableaux Project Advisor to do the work for you and guide you through the sale
  • do not want to purchase a New Residential Reseller Product Sample Kit
  • do not want to invest time in product training
  • want to experience the Tableaux order process before committing to becoming an Authorized Reseller

Yes, this is the program for me! Take me to the To-the-Trade Membership Application

Still Undecided?

If you have additional questions about our Reseller Programs, contact:

Korrin Wilson,

Account Executive
512-926-6346 Ext.1012