tableaux decorative grilles window treatment

Tableaux® Other Architectural Décor

Every good Interior Designer and Professional Decorator has a special place in their client's home where they plan to add interesting and unique design & décor elements that immediately grab one's attention and wow guests.

The versatility of Tableaux Decorative Grilles fits that need perfectly by enabling Interior Designers and Professional Decorators to unleash their creativity and realize their artistic vision for all kinds of “instagram-worthy” architectural décor.

Every project is different, and the design possibilities are virtually limitless. Talk to one of our Resellers about your ideas and let us help you put your signature on other architectural décor.

Turn your Ideas into Art for Other Architectural Décor

Tableaux Decorative Grilles are custom made-to-order using your ideas and specifications.

Tell us about the shape, size, design style & pattern, colors, and mounting method you desire. Then let us design & manufacture one-of-a-kind decorative grilles for use in Other Architectural Décor. Check out our Lookbook for more photos of Other Architectural Décor or read through the pages under "Product Details" in the main menu to learn more.

Visit Where to Order to connect with authorized Tableaux Reseller and let them help you create a unique work of art for your Other Architectural Décor!