Tableaux Order Process

We work with our Authorized Trade Program Members and Residential Resellers to make our order process as easy as possible for Homeowners. The information below should help reduce any stress you may have about ordering a totally custom interior design/decor product!

Product Pricing

A number of factors will determine pricing. Visit our Product Pricing page to learn how pricing is calculated and see a list of what you will need to get a quote for your project.

Getting a Quote

Be sure to study the pages listed under "Product Details & Pricing" in the main menu at the top of our website to learn more about the product so you can determine what kind of reseller you will need to work with. When you are ready to get a quote for your project, go to “Where to Order” to connect with an Authorized Tableaux Reseller or Trade Account Member.

Quote & Preliminary Drawing

Your quote will include your Tableaux Decorative Grille(s) plus any options and/or installation hardware you selected. Your quote will also include a preliminary drawing illustrating the design pattern you chose as it will look scaled to your space, shape, and dimensions.
Review/revise these documents to ensure the dimensions listed are correct and everything else looks as you expect.

Your quote and preliminary drawing are provided to you at no charge.

Approval & Payment

When you are ready to move forward with your order, submit your final signed approval documents and minimum payment of 50%.


Your order will go into production once we have your final signed approval documents and payment. Production timelines for residential orders typically run 5-6 weeks depending on the complexity of your project. If you chose Tableaux Metal™, add 1-2 weeks to production.

If you chose Tableaux Elements™, Tableaux Veneer™, or Tableaux Faux Iron™, Priority Production of 15-business days, or “Rush-15”, may be requested for an additional charge. Rush-15 is limited to the complexity of the order and/or availability at time of approval. Rush 15 is not available for Tableaux Metal™.


A ship date will be determined and set on the day you approve your order. Orders weighing less than 150lbs, or orders within maximum size-to-weight limits will ship via UPS. Orders over 150lbs, or those that exceed maximum size-to-weight limits will ship via LTL Freight.

UPS shipments are boxed or crated. Freight shipments are crated and/or placed on a pallet. Crates are custom-made for your specific order. Your crate will be designed and built to minimize freight costs and damage during shipping, as well as maximizing ease of handling when received.

Your Reseller will be contacted approximately one week before your scheduled ship date to confirm shipping date, location, and contact info. If you made a partial payment at time of approval, your remaining balance will be due at this time and must be received before we can schedule delivery. Your Reseller will receive tracking info once your order has shipped.


It’s up to the Reseller to provide us with a delivery address. Some Resellers opt to have your order shipped to their location first, and then schedule installation with you. Some Resellers opt to have us ship the order directly to your home address.


Tableaux does not provide installation. You, your Reseller, or Independent Contractor are responsible for securely installing your Tableaux Decorative Grille(s).

Hardware and Installation instructions for the most common applications and mounting methods are provided. Keep in mind more complex projects may require additional hardware and specialized installation. Be sure to discuss installation details with your Reseller in advance so expectations are clear. Visit our Hardware & Installation page to learn more.

Product Guarantee/Warranty

See Product Guarantee/Warranty

Photo Contest

Love your Tableaux Decorative Grille(s)? Take some photos and enter our photo contest to win cash! Visit our Tableaux Photo Contest page for details. Winners are chosen every month.