Order Process

We’ve worked with our Resellers to make our order process as easy as possible for Homeowners. The information below should help reduce any stress you may have about ordering a totally custom product!

Product Pricing

The very first question our Resellers get asked is “How much do these Decorative Grilles cost?” Pricing will vary greatly and must be quoted per project due to the custom nature of the product. The variety of applications, design pattern selection, material selection, necessary hardware, and installation options must all be considered. Continue reading below to learn how to get pricing for your specific project.

Getting an Estimate

Start by using our Dealer Locator to find a Tableaux Authorized Residential Reseller near you. A Tableaux Authorized Residential Reseller can usually provide you with a rough estimate of cost for your project over the phone if you can answer these basic questions:

  • Where will these Decorative Grilles be installed; window treatment, ceiling treatment, partition, decorative accent, other?
  • What is the shape and approximate dimensions of the space(s) where the Decorative Grille(s) will be installed?
  • Which Product Family are you interested in; which one will best match your design style?
  • What is the address where these will be delivered and installed?

Keep in mind the number they give you will be a rough estimate. A formal quote can only be calculated once the Reseller has actual field dimensions and full specifications for your project.

Getting a Quote

If you would like to get a formal quote, your Reseller can schedule an in-home consultation to show you finish color samples, options you may want to consider, and guide your selection of design patterns.

While there, they will also get field measurements, determine mounting methods, and hardware needs to securely install your Tableaux Decorative Grille.

The Reseller will submit your detailed project specifications to us. Within three business days, we will provide the Reseller with a Design Proposal that includes a Quote and a Preliminary Design that illustrates the design pattern you selected, scaled as it will look in your specific shape and density.

The Reseller will review the Design Proposal with you and note any changes you would like us to make to the design pattern, or the options if needed. If changes are required, the Design Proposal will be revised and updated for your final approval.


Your order will go into production once the Reseller sends us your final signed approval documents and minimum payment of 50%.

Production timelines for residential orders typically run 5-6 weeks depending on the complexity of your project. A ship date will be determined and set on the day you approve your order. Priority Production of 15-business days, or “Rush-15”, may be requested for an additional charge. Rush-15 is limited to the complexity of the order and/or availability at time of approval.


Orders weighing less than 150lbs, or orders within maximum size-to-weight limits will ship via UPS. Orders over 150lbs, or those that exceed maximum size-to-weight limits will ship via LTL Freight.

UPS shipments are boxed or crated. Freight shipments are crated and/or placed on a pallet. Crates are custom-made for your specific order. Your crate will be designed and built to minimize freight costs and damage during shipping, as well as maximizing ease of handling when received.

Your Reseller will be contacted approximately one week before your scheduled ship date to confirm shipping date, location, and contact info. If you made a partial payment at time of approval, your remaining balance will be due at this time and must be received before we can schedule delivery. Your Reseller will receive tracking info once your order has shipped.


It’s up to the Reseller to provide us with a delivery address. Some Resellers opt to have your order shipped to their location first, and then schedule installation with you. Some Resellers opt to have us ship the order directly to your home address.


Tableaux does not provide installation. You or your Reseller are responsible for securely installing your Tableaux Decorative Grille(s).

Hardware and Installation instructions for the most common applications and mounting methods are provided. Keep in mind more complex projects may require additional hardware and specialized installation. Be sure to discuss installation details with your Reseller in advance so expectations are clear. Visit our Hardware & Installation page to learn more.

Product Guarantee/Warranty

See Product Guarantee/Warranty

Photo Contest

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