How to Get a Quote

If you are a Homeowner and would like information about Tableaux Decorative Grilles for your home, please visit our Where to Order page to find a Reseller near you or to explore DIY options.

For Trade Program Accounts

If you have a Tableaux Trade Program account, use the Project Questionnaire to get a proposal. You will only need to provide basic project info. A Tableaux Project Advisor will review the info you submit and will add recommended hardware and any other technical options if required for your project.

Project Questionnaire


For Residential Reseller & Franchise Accounts

If you have a Tableaux Residential Reseller or Franchise Reseller Account, use the Quote Request to get a project proposal. The quote request is a more advanced form designed for use by Residential Resellers & Franchise Accounts who regularly order Tableaux and wish to specify every project option.

Quote Request