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Tableaux® Art Niches & Pass-Throughs

Not sure what to do with those dull art niches or boring pass-throughs? Transform those empty spaces from ordinary to extraordinary with custom Tableaux decorative grilles made to match your personal style.

Decorating art niches or “wall niches” with Tableaux decorative grilles is an outstanding way to take your interior design to another level.

And why not do something about that “pass-through” hole in the wall between rooms? Choose a Tableaux design pattern, send us a design, or have us create a design for you. We can make the design denser to add separation and privacy, or less dense to add a decorative feature that simply adds character to a still functional pass-through!

Turn your awkward spaces into beautiful Art Niches & Pass-Throughs

Tableaux Decorative Grilles are custom made-to-order using your ideas and specifications.

Tell us about the shape, size, design style & pattern, colors, and mounting method you desire. Then let us design & manufacture one-of-a-kind decorative grilles to decorate Art Niches & Pass-Throughs. Check out our Lookbook to see more photos of Art Niches & Pass-Throughs and get some design inspiration, or read through the pages under "Product Details" in the main menu to learn more.

Visit Where to Order to connect with authorized Tableaux Reseller and let them help you create a unique work of art for your Art Niches & Pass-Throughs!