Tableaux Decorative Grilles custom outdooor decor on garage door
Tableaux Decorative Grilles custom statement ceiling treatment
Tableaux Decorative Grilles used in Outdoor Living Space-1920

Tableaux® Decorative Grilles Product Overview

Decorative Grilles are an openwork architectural art form consisting of design patterns made by cutting openings or holes into various material substrates.

Tableaux® [ta-bloh, tab-loh] Decorative Grilles are made from recycled wood or sustainable metal substrates with material characteristics that complement any Residential Interior Design Style and Home Décor Project.

Every Tableaux Decorative Grille is custom-made and totally unique! Each is individually manufactured by our skilled designers, fabricators, machine operators, craftsmen, and artisans, to match the style, size, density, and finish color you specify.

Where/How Can Tableaux Decorative Grilles Be Used?

Check out our Lookbook for usage examples and interior design ideas.

From concept to custom-production, our Order Process enables Authorized Tableaux Residential Resellers and Trade Accounts to work closely with Homeowners to deliver a truly one-of-kind interior design and home improvement product. Study the pages listed under "Product Details & Pricing" in the main menu at the top of our website to learn more.

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